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fright fest 2010

London's Leicester Square will once again be crawling with pallid-faced wild-eyed creatures of darkness this August as the UK's biggest and best horror festival returns to the rather wonderful Empire Cinema. And that's just the festival organisers, Paul McEvoy, Greg Day, Alan Jones and Ian Rattray.

FrightFest has quickly taken up dominance in the UK as the place to be for horror fans and filmmakers alike and this year promises to be more exciting than ever with a whoppping thirty-six films playing across two screens, nine of which are world premieres in addition to over twenty UK or European premieres!

Amongst the films screening are the much anticipated return of Victor Crowley in Adam Green's HATCHET 2 which opens the festival; the very appetising post-apcalyptic MONSTERS, African zombie rampage THE DEAD, the London based Vampire vs gangster flick DEAD CERT; ISLE OF DOGS, described as a gangland horror. Not to mention an ample selection of more exotic fare such as the sublimely silly ALIEN VS NINJA and the altogether darker toned and notoriously controversial A SERBIAN FILM.

That's not all however - there are a simply bewildering array of movies to choose from including the remake of the notorious exploitation fem-slasher, I SPIT ON YPOUR GRAVE, Aussie oddity THE LOVED ONES and the promisingly harrowing CHERRY TREE LANE. Jason Stackhouse fans will be catered for in the very interesting looking RED HILL which stars the True Blood star, Ryan Kwanten and looks to be something of a cross between No Country for Old Men and Assault on Precinct 13.

There will of course be countless special appearances by stars, directors, producers and anybody else you can think of (them twins from Big Brother turned up last year). TOBE HOOPER will be introducing a special screening of his outright classic, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and it almost goes without saying that Adam Green and Joe Lynch will be there

hopefully with a whole new set of hilarious shorts made especially for the event. There will also be a special bastard-hard horror quiz hosted by ANDY NYMAN (star of Dead Set and writer of the terrific Ghost Stories) which we shall certainly be entering and no doubt having our horror geek credits stripped from us by not knowing any of the answers.

To see a comprehensive list of all the films on offer and to buy tickets go to the Film 4 FrightFest website by clicking here!

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